02-17 Oct 2018
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This exciting tour will be highlighting the diverse range of bird species available on five of the main islands of the Indonesian archipelago. All our local guides are experienced birders.

In this area of Indonesia, you will experience the people, their many cultures and some key endangered animal species – Orangutans, Proboscis monkeys, Komodo Giant Lizards, Sumatran Elephants and Rhino and a possible whiff of the Tiger and others.

Indonesia is the largest archipelago on earth with between 13,000 and 17,000 islands, these numbers varying according to different sources. In some islands, for example Sulawesi, the fauna is unique to the islands. In general the Wallace line, between the islands of Bali and Lombok divides the country into two distinct ecological zones, the dry tropics where the fauna and flora is Australasian and the wet tropics where it is Asian.

There are over 380 endemic bird species and many hundreds of migrant birds throughout Indonesia. It seems around 120 species are either endangered (around 50) or vulnerable (around 70).  Our tours use eco lodges, on both sides of the Wallace Line, in the wet and dry tropics.


01 October 2018 | Depart South Africa

Overnight flight from South Africa to Bali, Indonesia.


02 October 2018 | Arrive Bali | BLD

Arrival at Ngurah Rai International Airport in Bali, where you will be met by a senior staff member of the company. You will then proceed to Udayana Kingfisher Eco Lodge, for a welcome and briefing by the manager and then your guide.

Depending on arrival time, you will be offered either a bird walk in the gardens of the Lodge or at the Nusa Dua Settling Ponds. At the latter, you should see many water birds and hopefully see over 20 species in a short time. Species such as the Purple Heron, Javan Pond Heron, Little Heron, four species of Egrets, Small Blue Kingfisher and many others can be seen. Dinner and overnight at Udayana eco Lodge.

03 October 2018 | West Bali National Park | BLD

After an early breakfast, you will proceed to Tabanan to look for the Javan Kingfisher, Longtailed Shrike and Glossy Starling, then you will drive along west coast of Bali through Tabanan and Jembrana to The West Bali Barat National Park, having lunch along the route. There you will be briefed by your guide, who will immediately take you for an afternoon bird walk hoping to see the Bali Starling and Banded Pitta and other key Bali bird species; you may also see the Ebony Leaf Monkey.. Dinner and overnight at Adiassri Resort.


04 October 2018 | West Bali National Park | BLD

After breakfast, you will spend most of the day birding in the West Bali National Park with your Guide. This will involve hiking in a number of areas of the park as directed. A number of bird species should be seen to complete your list of this park. Have a lunch at Adi Assri, and you will transfer back to Udayana Kingfisher eco Lodge. Dinner and Overnight at The Lodge.


05 October 2018 | Bali – Sumatra – West Java – Pangkalan Bun (Borneo) | BLD

FLIGHT :  Denpasar – Bandar Lampung.

After an early breakfast the Lodge, you will proceed transfer to airport to catch flight to Jakarta, then on to Lampung in Sumatra. You will be met by your guide for the drive to The Satwa Sumatra Birding Guesthouse, around 2 hours, where you will have dinner. This is a long travel day through many different cultures and islands on the Indonesian archipelago. The Way Kambas National Park is one of the best area in Sumatra for birding your guide will be Heriyono who is well known internationally for his birding. Dinner and overnight at Satwa eco Lodge.


06-07 October 2018 | Birding at The Way Kambas National Park | BLD

These days will be spent with your guide Heri, who has an extensive knowledge of most of the 320 + recorded species in the park. The days will be spent in various parts of the park and will include night walks. You definitely will walk on the main way to Way Kanan river but also past the Elephant Centre to Bambangan. A night bird walk can be organized if needed. The White Winged Wood Duck is the endemic to be seen. Dinner and overnight at Satwa Guesthouse.


08 October 2018 | West Java | BLD

FLIGHT : Bandar Lampung – Jakarta.

Take an early bird walk with your guide and also see the village activities to hear the Siamang gibbons with one of the Park Rangers to see and hear their haunting calls returning to the Lodge for a well-earned breakfast. After relaxing breakfast transfer back to airport of Lampung to catch your flight to Jakarta. In Jakarta you will be picked up by your Guide and transfered to Gunung Gede National Park. Arrival at dusk, overnight and dinner at The Puncak Inn Hotel.


09 October 2018 | Gunung Gede National Park  | BLD

Birding at Gunung Gede National Park Birding at the Gunung Gede National Park for most of day. The itinerary will be discussed with your guide. Overnight and dinner at The Puncak Inn Hotel.


10 October 2018 | Early birding at Gunung Gede National Park  and Fly to Bali | BLD

Early Birding and Fly Back to Bali Take an early bird walk with your guide and then after lunch you will proceed to the Jakarta. Dinner and overnight at FM7 Resort Hotel Jakarta.


11 October 2018 | Fly to  Pangkalan Bun (Borneo) | BLD

FLIGHT :  Jakarta – Pangkalan Bun.  Based on current schedule Jakarta – Pangkalan Bun by TRIGANA AIR, depart Jakarta at 09.25

After breakfast, you will take a flight from Jakarta to Pangkalan Bun in Borneo, arriving in the afternoon. After meeting your guide, you will be transported to Kumai Harbor to your “klotok” (river boat) to start the magic two hour trip up The Sekonyer river to The Rimba Orangutan Eco Lodge. On the way (if the weather is clear) you will see many fireflies and after two hours see the welcome lights of The Rimba on your left side. You will be welcomed by our Manager for dinner. Dinner and overnight at Rimba Orangutan eco Lodge.


12 October 2018 | Camp Leakey | BLD

A pre breakfast Bird walk with your guide will be organized if requested. Then after breakfast, you will take your river boat to the famous Camp Leakey to view Orangutans in their natural habitat; birds will be spotted (Kingfishers, Hornbills, Trogons) on the river but also primates seen will be seen Orangutans, Proboscis Monkeys, Gibbons, Long Tailed Macaques and Silver backed Langurs. Hopefully you will see crocodiles and monitors. On the way home, if the evening is clear, you should have a great sunset with the Proboscis Monkeys. Hopefully you will see some of the four species of Hornbills, Storms Stork and a number of raptors. Then proceed for an evening dinner on the river with the “fireflies”. The latter is a terrific experience. Overnight at Rimba Orangutan eco Lodge.


13 October 2018 | Birding at the Tanjung Putting National Park | BLD

Birding in the park After an early breakfast, you will spend the whole day with your bird guides in different locations in the park; this will include a night bird walk. You will eat lunch and dinner on the boat. It is hoped that you will see many new species. Overnight at Rimba Orangutan eco Lodge.



14 Oct  2018 | Fly From Pangkalan Bun to Bali | BLD

FLIGHT : Pangkalan Bun – Surabaya – Denpasar.

After an Early breakfast at the lodge, you will proceed down river to Kumai and then on to airport to catch you plane to Surabaya and then to Denpasar ( Bali ). Arriving late in the afternoon/evening, then directly transfer to the Udayana Kingfisher eco Lodge for dinner and overnight.



15 October 2018 | Birding at The Western Flores | BLD

FLIGHT : Denpasar – Labuan Bajo.

After an early breakfast, you depart for the airport to catch the plane to Labuan Bajo to start the West Flores part of the tour. After check in at the Bajo Komodo eco Lodge, you will proceed in the direction to the bird sanctuary of Mbeliling There is a lot of forest clearing here – but some good patches remain. The glorious song of the Bare-throated Whistler may echo across the valley. Other species which may be seen in the forest here include the Scaly-crowned Honeyeater, Mountain Tailorbird, Little Minivet, Thickbilled and Yellow browed  Darkeye, Timor Leaf Warbler, Little Pied Flycatcher, and Brown-capped Fantail. Dinner and overnight at Bajo Komodo eco Lodge.


16 October 2018 | Komodo Island | BLD

A full day trip to Komodo Island using a fast boat.

Komodo Island This is a long day but very worthwhile. You will proceed to the harbor for your boat to Komodo Island for a very early departure, and hopefully arrive before sunrise to see the birds on Komodo, particularly the Cockatoos. Breakfast would served on the boat/onsite.

The rest of the day you will have a walk into the island for birding and also to see the Komodo Dragon. Then lunch would be served on the boat/onsite. Dinner and overnight at Bajo Komodo eco Lodge.



17 October 2018 | Fly Back to Bali | BLD

FLIGHT : Labuan Bajo – Denpasar.

Fly Back to Bali After breakfast at the Lodge, you will proceed to the airport to catch a plane to Bali. Pick up by our staff and transfer to Udayana Kingfisher eco Lodge. Depend on your arrival time, you will offer to the Nusa Dua Settling Ponds.

Dinner and overnight at Udayana eco Lodge.


18 October 2018 | Depart Bali | B

Transfer to the airport after breakfast for your flight home.


19 October 2018 | Arrive South Africa

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