The Lakes at Dawn Tour

One of the main aims of this all day tour is to see the Kelimutu Lakes at dawn, a magic experience. You start very early at 04:30 and after a cup of tea or coffee, drive with your guide to the crater lakes (around 17km) through the base of the Kelimutu National Park. You then walk to the lakes through woodland where hopefully you will hear some the beautiful songs of The Bare Throated Whistler (there are at least 17 songs – see http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NVY-C1UwlGs ), arriving at the top just before dawn. See the sunrise, at the top site with a coffee, see the lakes (a magic moment) and just enjoy the whole scene and environment after walking to view all the three lakes. Breakfast will be served in a quiet place in the park so you can also enjoy the birds. After breakfast you will return trekking slowly down the mountain viewing local scenery and village farming systems and  will have a coffee at Premo village.  During this walk you should meet many of the Lio people, and learn about local agriculture. You will have lunch at the Lodge. for those who do not wish to walk, the vehicle can take you directly back to the lodge at your convenience. The lakes are not always clear at dawn as they are often covered with cloud. The cloud generally clears and in this case, your tour may start later than 04:30. After lunch after a siesta, you will drive to Jopu (6km) and see local women weavers making traditional ikat, considered some of the most beautiful in Flores.

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