Hiking, snorkeling and komodos on Rinca and Komodo islands tour 2 days/1 night

This two day tour visits the two main Komodo islands where the Giant Lizards are found and combines an overnight stay on a boat at Komodo Island with fabulous scenery and great snorkeling/diving in one of the most beautiful marine national parks in the world – a World Heritage site.

Day 1. Komodo Island and Pink Beach

Komodo island is the largest island in the Komodos and apart from the dragons, it is famous for its dry land habitat and variety of birds. Departure is at 05:30, breakfast will be served on the boat, arriving at Komodo at around 09.00. After checking with the park authorities, you trek for 2 km through the bush to a special site where Komodos are generally seen. During the walk you can see many species of birds, deer, pigs, and many orchids.

At the park headquarters Komodos are generally lurking around either around the buildings or on the beach. After lunch on the boat you will move to the world famous Pink Beach where you will spend the afternoon snorkeling. This beach has great biodiversity of corals, sponges and fish.

Dinner and overnight on the boat at a site agreed between you, your Guide and the Skipper of the boat.

Day 2. Rinca and Bidadari Islands

After breakfast on the boat, you will travel to Rinca Island, the second main island in the Komodos This day combines seeing the wildlife on Rinca Island (especially the Komodo dragon but also Buffalo, Deer, Pigs, many species of birds and monkeys). There are 2 kinds of trekking, namely long trekking which will take 2-3 hours and short, about 1 hour. Lunch on the boat is followed by a visit to Bidadari Island, an island where you can swim among the beautiful coral and fish.The return to the Lodge is at approximately 17:00.

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