Interlodge Tours

The best way to see Indonesia’s biodiversity is to book one of our inter-lodge tours. All tours are designed to maximise your time, investment and experience.

  • Birdwatching in Indonesia from our lodges in Bali, Flores, Borneo and Sumatra

    This is a birders tour using our company bird guides in all locations in Bali, Flores, Borneo and Sumatra. You should see well over 100 of Indonesia’s bird species on both sides of the Wallace line. You also will meet many of the Indonesian people, see much of their different cultures and see also many endangered mammal species

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  • Trans Flores Cultural, Scenic and Wildlife Safari

    Visit three different cultures on the beautiful island of Flores as well as see Komodo Dragons, endemic birds, snorkel or dive on bio diverse corals reefs, view volcanic mountains along the spine and see the multi coloured Kelimutu crater lakes, the home of the Lio people. The island of Flores is special.

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  • On Either Side Of The Wallace Line, an ecologists delight

    This tour celebrates the dynamic work of the nineteenth century explorer Albert Wallace, who played a major role in Darwin’s thinking about the evolution and development of our planet and suggested a line of ecological demarcation between the islands of Bali and Lombok. The ecology on both side of the Wallace Line is completely different and you will see much of this ecological masterpiece.

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  • Glorious Indonesia including the Kelimutu Crater Lakes

    The unique island of Bali with its special rice paddies, the cultural centre at Ubud and dance. Also experience west and east Flores with the Komodo dragons, coral reefs and coloured lakes. Also visit the wet tropics with its rainforests, unique and endangered primates (Orangutans, Proboscis Monkeys, Siamang Gibbons, other Primates, Elephants, and possibly a Rhino and the smell of the Tiger). The Rimba experience has been described as “the best wild orangutan experience in the world”.

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  • Indonesia Wildlife and Cultural Safari

    Indonesia is a very culturally diverse country and on this tour you will experience three widely different cultures, Hindu, Christian and Islamic where you will meet the friendly people of Indonesia in widely different circumstances. You will see the dry tropics with the Giant Lizards (commonly known as Komodo Dragons only present in this small group of islands) and experience fabulous reefs with corals, sponges and fish of great biodiversity.

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