Adventure Tours and Travel through Indonesia

ECOSAFARI INDONESIA (ESI) is the Tours and Travel department of ECOLODGES INDONESIA (ELI http://www.ecolodgesindonesia.com), a company specializing in showing visitors some of the famous national parks and wildlife attractions of Indonesia. The company commenced in 2009 and since that time has organized many tours throughout Indonesia involving many hundreds of tourists. Currently we are handling over 800 guests a year from over 50 countries.

ESI is headed by Gede Ori, who has worked with ELI in many departments of the company including Accounts, Eco certification, reservations and marketing.   He leads a team of five in the main office whose job is to ensure you get the tour you want.

The company is under the Board of Directors of Ecolodges Indonesia.

How we are Eco

All our other Eco Lodges have been recognized in their commitment to operating at a high environmental standard for tourism and were awarded Green Globe certification. See our Eco Certification